The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Is Suitably Gruesome

The Evil Within 2 trailer

The Evil Within 2 trailer

It's recommended that you go ahead and play through The Evil Within before jumping into the sequel so you'll have a better appreciation of what's going on, raising the stakes even higher.

Are you going to pick up The Evil Within 2?

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Meanwhile, console requirements for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) include 31 GB worth of space for the game itself, also not including future patches. You can also visit the official The Evil Within website for more information about the game. The gameplay itself is third person survival horror: you'll be scavenging for ammo and weapons while facing off against monsters that are, sometimes, too awful and powerful for you to fight off.

While we wait for answers regarding if The Evil Within 2 will have microtransactions or Creation Club content at launch, the latest "Red Band" video that stands as its launch trailer accompanied by a description explaining the game's premise sit below.

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The story here looks similar to what we saw in the first The Evil Within: Detective Sebastian Castellanos is on a mission to save his daughter, Lily, but this time, he's sure she can be saved. "Kidman, Sebastian's former partner, shows up out of the blue and tells him that the daughter he thought was dead is actually alive", says Shinsaku Ohara.

One of the year's most-anticipated horror games hits our shelves and digital storefronts today -cannily enough, on Friday the 13th, with the release of Bethesda and Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within 2.

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