Arizona GOP Rep. Martha McSally announces Senate bid

Martha McSally. 12 Jan. 2018

Martha McSally. 12 Jan. 2018

She reportedly told congressional colleagues last fall that she planned to make the bid after Flake announced in October that he wouldn't run for re-election.

McSally's campaign announcement includes her promise to save the close air support aircraft, the A-10.

McSally, who served 26 years in the USA military, also used her experience to hit out at the Democrats in the Senate in the video, saying, "after taking on terrorists in combat, the liberals in the Senate won't scare me one bit". Flake is retiring at the end of this year and was constantly at odds with the president.

Earlier this week, she was seated near Trump at his hourlong public discussion with congressional Democrats and Republicans of immigration and border-security issues.

"I speak a little salty behind closed doors at times as well, so I'm not going to throw the first stone on using any language", said McSally, who wants to be Arizona's next USA senator.

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She also addressed President Trump's comment on Thursday in which he criticized protections for immigrants from "s--hole" countries, a reference to Africa, Haiti and El Salvador. McConnell called her a "great" candidate in December.

Ward's campaign released a new ad on social media following McSally's announcement attempting to paint her as the candidate of the Washington establishment. "Trump's position on immigration is where the base of the party is. You can not be perceived as being soft on illegal immigration and expect to hold the base".

"If you're perceived as anti-immigrant, you're going to have difficulty winning anywhere in America, especially border states", Conant said.

This is about as formulaic a right-wing message as one could devise, and it's clearly created to insulate McSally against accusations of ideological heresy or of insufficient subservience to the GOP's new warrior-king.

She also co-sponsored an immigration plan released by House conservatives this week that would reduce legal immigration levels by 25 percent, block federal grants to sanctuary cities and restrict the number of relatives that immigrants already in the USA can bring here. The bill, which is unlikely to survive the GOP-controlled Senate, also provides temporary legal status for young immigrants enrolled in DACA. "I guess there is a dispute as to what was actually said", she said.

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The event ended with McSally piloting a fully restored silver AT-6 plane, which McSally said she promised the owners that it would be returned "with a few more miles on it, no scratches and an unused parachute". "I'm a Republican. So what I'm doing every day is listening to people getting out to all the different diverse elements in my community, hearing what their main concerns are, and fighting tirelessly for them".

On Friday afternoon, election forecaster Cook Political Report moved its rating of the open seat in CD2 from tossup to leans Democrat.

Ms. McSally, Arizona Republican, now represents Arizona's second congressional district, which stretches from Tucson to part of the U.S. -Mexico border.

The 2018 Arizona Senate election will most likely mirror the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump's political playbook, emphasizing the threat Americans face from illegal immigration.

In Arizona, McSally doesn't see any cause for concern with Trump's leadership. He can't help it when he's attacked but to punch back.

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Matiella, along with several other women who had invitations, said they were identified by McSally's staff and escorted out of the hanger by officers despite their pleas to stay. "So why don't I focus on what I can do instead of focusing on what somebody else is doing?"

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