Amid Teacher Protests, KY Governor Signs Pension Bill

Kentucky Governor Says He'll Veto Budget Bill That Ignores Charter Funding While Teachers Are Again Poised to

Kentucky Governor Says He'll Veto Budget Bill That Ignores Charter Funding While Teachers Are Again Poised to

Matt Bevin told WHAS-AM he signed the bill on Tuesday. "So having both is essential at this point", the association said on Facebook.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

"To do that would be to take a foundation that is structurally not what it needs to be and say, 'we still want to build a five-story building, but because of the way the foundation is, we'll just build everything a little bit to the left.' That's just not how you want to want to build what we need to build financially in this state".

"We wanted to draw attention to the specific issues affecting postsecondary education in Kentucky, at the same that we wanted to express our solidarity with all educators in the state, regardless of level", Jarosi said. "But it's a good first step", Bevin said. To me, if they get what they wish for, they won't have a pension system for the younger people who are still working.

Lawmakers could override Bevin's vetoes when they reconvene on Friday.

The budget vetoed by Bevin included record-high classroom spending, restored funding for school transportation and family resource centers and ensured that teachers who retired after 2010 but don't yet qualify for Medicare would have health insurance. "I can tell you where I am going and hopefully you will go with me", Caulk said.

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"The issue isn't the teachers". The KEA [Kentucky Education Association] has been the problem.

"They've been very vocal, very loud, refusing to be part of the solution even though in reality their members are going to be the beneficiaries of us getting this right".

It's not just for teachers, Bevin said. "All these people expect to have their voices heard". Winkler also says she hopes the injunction against the pension bill overturns it. Kentucky's pension system is among the worst funded in the country.

But when asked if he will sign it, "I have made no comment yet on that", Bevin said. "It's not almost enough".

Lawmakers could override Bevin's vetoes later this week.

Bevin vetoed the the two bills Monday, citing reasons such as "extremely bad taxes" and lack of balanced budget. To our knowledge, the governor has had no discussions with any legislators on the details of this budget and what he might consider to be a shortfall.

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In the letter sent out to parents, Fort Thomas Independent Schools encouraged families to call their legislators and ask them to override the Governor's vetoes.

The Kentucky Democratic Party also responded.

There was never an indication that Bevin wouldn't sign the bill, however.

"Rather than looking out for the best interest of Kentuckians, the Attorney General has chosen a political path, one that will cause irreparable damage to public employees and taxpayers", Kuhn said. Bevin called their leadership "absolute frauds".

House and Senate Democrats supported the vetoes, saying the tax plan would only benefit the wealthy.

State lawmakers added pension reform into another bill about sewage and passed it late last month. Lawmakers are slated to be back in session April 13 for the remaining two days of the session, which is required by law to end by April 15.

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It was hastily passed in the General Assembly, taking only a number of hours to work its way through the House and Senate. Several republicans voted against the bill.

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