Bathroom hand dryers spray feces droplets onto your hands, study finds

Bathroom hand dryers spray feces particles on your hands study says

Bathroom hand dryers spray feces particles on your hands study says

The independent study took place at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

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One of the basic hygiene measures is to dry the hands under a hand dryer after using the washroom. And while evidence shows dryers can cover hands in bacteria, they said, it's not certain whether they deposit bacterial spores. How many bacteria in the apparatus that the researchers suggest to wipe his hands with a towel, reports the with reference to the news of Yu. The flushing of toilets spreads tiny water droplets all over the room. That bacteria then circulates in the air to then be sucked up, warmed up, and blown out of the dryer. This is then dried and sprays on the hands of the user finds that study. Hand and food contamination with these bugs can give a case of food poisoning or diarrhoea and vomiting. After testing the plates, they showed between 18 and 30 colonies of bacteria on them. Convection created by a hand dryer's air streams, for example, might pull in unfiltered bathroom air.

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The scientists tested the efficacy of filters when installed or retro-fitted in the dryers, finding the HEPA filters only blocked about 75 percent of bacteria. In fact, the company marketed their Airblade hand dryers as reducing the potential risk for electric hand dryers to disperse fecal matter. Unfortunately, the researchers at the University of CT found even air dyers with HEPA filters collected human waste bacteria. Retrofitting hand dryers with HEPA filters reduced bacterial deposition by hand dryers ∼4-fold, and potential human pathogens were recovered from plates exposed to hand dryer air whether or not a HEPA filter was present, and from bathroom air moved by a small fan.

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