How to Tell if Your Mac is 32-bit or 64-bit

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

Also, latest technologies such as Metal graphics acceleration support only the 64-bit apps. Apple is now warning developers and users about it because macOS 10.14 will only run 64-bit apps.

"While developers optimize their apps for 64-bit compatibility, Apple is notifying customers when they are using an app based on 32-bit technology".

Goodbye, 32-bit apps: the next version of macOS will no longer support you. To help explain what is going on, the message features a Learn More button.

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The dialogue box also includes a support page link that details Apple's plans for all Mac apps to run in 64-bit architecture.

Apple is transitioning into 64-bit territory simply because apps built under this architecture are much easier to maintain, and perhaps because these apps are far more efficient than their 32-bit counterparts. This was the statement it released for the goal: "The last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromise is macOS High Sierra".

So for now, it looks like existing 32-bit apps will continue to run on macOS. Still, when the big day finally rolls around, there will nearly certainly be complaints nonetheless. Finally in iOS 11 it dropped support for 32-bit apps. So, until Apple shares more details, possibly at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, it can be assumed that the 32-bit apps will work until then. The same support page linked to above states that "all future Mac software will eventually be required to be 64-bit". There could be one on the developer's website, or in Apple's App Store. "Yes" indicates 64-bit; "No" indicates 32-bit. The pop-up says that the app needs to be updated.

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If you're concerned about all this and want to know exactly which apps you're running now deliver 64-bit support, the folks over at AppleMust have made a handy guide to find out.

Apple started that process in 2013 with its first 64-bit mobile processor, the A7. "This is done via a one-time alert that appears when you launch a 32-bit app", Apple continued.

Nevertheless, one thing is sure, that Apple is serious about phasing out the 32-bit apps soon.

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Keep following us to get the next update from Apple on this matter. First, the Apple desktop OS has been around longer than the iOS.

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