Lennie James Thinks Morgan Will Return To 'The Walking Dead'

How long is TWD tonight

How long is TWD tonight

For "The Walking Dead", the Negan war gaveth, and the Negan war tooketh away. It ended with a showdown between Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his greatest adversary yet - not the ever-growing horde of zombies marauding across the show's landscape, but baseball bat-wielding psychopath and fan favourite Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). We've no idea what they've endured since the season 3 finale, or how any of it has affected them. After Negan counts down from three, the Saviors surround Rick and open fire. Rick letting Negan live is done in his memory, but the weight of that decision is somewhat removed when Carl himself is no longer around to see it. But if you, like Maggie, wanted him dead, you're not going to be happy.

So what now does Negan offer? "Look what you did - Carl didn't know a damn thing". However, details remain under the wraps and there is still no hints about who along with Morgan will be making an appearance on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4. And fans that have really enjoyed seeing Negan were concerned that he might die too. "As Andy says, I don't think the story between, about the relationship between Rick and Morgan, is over yet". Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the boring end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them. Negan didn't die, though, and Rick told Siddiq to save him - much to the chagrin of Maggie, who had to be held back by Michonne.

But that's not all that was going on in her head, as revealed in those all-too-interesting final moments.

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There's a scene in the comics where Maggie, after a failed assassination attempt, publicly executes Gregory; between that and this TV setup, are we about to see Maggie as an antagonist? "They're coming for us, unless we stand together", he said. But Rick takes advantage of that and slits Negan's throat. Will we see The Walking Dead: Civil War?

We've also got the threat of the biggest Walker herd to date, which could also contain the possibility of something way worse than Negan (according to the comics) - The Whisperers.

As Deadline reports, Rick spares Negan's life in order to make him an example. While the episode nailed the crucial plot points of the source material, we also saw several divergences that set up intriguing future storylines. But Rick and Michonne, Rick was wrong to do what he did.

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I am pleased with the ending of season 8. Rick was on the ground; Negan was about to brain him with Lucille and Rick asked for a 10-second reprieve "for Carl". This leaner approach allows the series to feel nimble and unpredictable where The Walking Dead can be bloated and lumbering-especially in recent seasons. Rick has repeatedly pledged to kill the leader of the Saviors, and Negan's last words to Michonne were that he planned to return the favor. The villain is then sentenced to spending the rest of his time in the cell at Alexandria, to serve as a symbol for the life they're leaving behind, and that - except for a potential conflict with Maggie and Daryl - is that.

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The actor admitted that the historic crossover can be traced back to a conversation he had with Scott Gimple, executive producer and former showrunner of The Walking Dead who has since been tasked with overseeing the entire AMC franchise.

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