Woolworths checkouts hit by national outage

A nationwide technical outage has shut down Woolworths registers forcing stores to close their doors

A nationwide technical outage has shut down Woolworths registers forcing stores to close their doors

A nationwide technical outage has left Woolworths supermarkets around the country unable to process any sales, with some closing their doors until the problem is resolved.

Pictures taken from stores in Sydney and Melbourne show customers waiting at registers with trolleys full of food and groups of abandoned carts.

ZDNet understands the glitch didn't make its way to all stores, however, with some operating as usual.

Woolworth confirmed that all stores were now open, even if they had temporarily pulled down their shutters during the outage.

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By 5pm, Woolworths tweeted that all registers were back online and apologised for the outage.

"We apologise for the inconvenience this caused our customers", the spokesperson said. "Thanks", the reply to many reads.

The outage has also shut down entire stores.

Shortly after 4pm, the issue began affecting all registers across the country.

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News Corp Australia counted at least ten abandoned trolleys and baskets in the store.

A technical issue has forced Woolworths shops across Australia to close.

It's unclear how wide-spread the issue was, though by social media it's clear that Victoria, NSW and Queensland were affected.

Seven News in Adelaide is reporting that some customers at a Woolworths store in Adelaide's west got their groceries for free after the nationwide outage.

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